ith over 35 years of educational experience, Janet is an expert in helping staff and students discover creative ways to practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness offers boundless positive possibilities for school communities. Calm, compassionate steps to nurture awareness bring gifts to children, teachers and families.  

Learning simple, creative ways to practice mind mastery underpins every aspect of education.

‘Meditation Capsules’ Comprehensive programs for schools include:

  • Staff Training
  • Student lessons
  • Parent Information sessions
  • Parent/Children Workshops
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Resource Materials



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    Primary and Secondary Staff

    Janet offers a range of courses that suit all levels of staff and provide the framework for applying what they experience during the presentation.

    Sessions ranging from 90 minutes, to half day or full day presentations are designed to contribute to Professional Development Programs.  Content can be tailored to suit specific requirements and includes the following:

    Theoretical Background

    • Understanding and applying Mindfulness
    • Basic physiology and neuroscience


    Mindfulness for Staff

    • Creating harmony and co-operation in the classroom
    • Strategies for energy management
    • Opportunities for personal growth
    • Ways to integrate Mindfulness into the curriculum and school life
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    Administrative Staff

    Sessions are designed to specifically meet the unique needs of administrative staff:  targeting ways to care for oneself with the challenge of long hours of sitting and multi-tasking. Apply the basic precepts of mindfulness to encourage personal development.

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    Primary School Students

    VELS emphasizes the need for students to manage emotions, feelings and moods. The ability to do so creates autonomy and success is enhanced at school, work and life. Mindful Meditation creates a framework for children to develop these skills.

    Janet’s course is structured sequentially to develop the general tenets of self-awareness and culminate in specific practices to enhance subtle focus skills.

    The course includes:

    • Identifying the difference between relaxation and meditation
    • Getting to know the body:  Posture, Breathing, Nervous System
    • Getting to know the brain:  Neo-cortex and Limbic System
    • Understanding the concepts of personal balance and energy management
    • Stress Awareness:  Personal Triggers and Responses
    • Awareness of Words and their emotional links
    • Awareness of the Senses:  Developing Self Awareness
    • Creative Approaches to Meditation: Visualisation and Imagery
    • Stillness Meditation:  Deepening Concentration


    Janet’s courses stand out as they utilise a wide range of unique visual props and aids infuse the sessions with creativity, theatre and the unexpected.  Age appropriate analogies, metaphors, exercises, games and experiences are embraced to ensure students fully engage and leave having learned from the experience.


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    Secondary School Students

    Self- knowledge is the key focus for sessions with secondary students. Connection to calm, conscious, present moment choices equip students to manage stress and enhance performance.  These techniques benefit students both within the educational and social realms of their daily lives.

    These can be tailored to suit large presentations or individual class sessions.

    Key Focus Areas:

    • Physiological Mindfulness:  posture, hydration, exercise, diet
    • Understanding brain functioning
    • Fostering growth mindsets
    • Refining personal perspectives
    • Developing calming and focusing skills
    • Enhancing memory and visualisation
    • Building  Emotional and Social Intelligence



Janet has been central to the development and implementation of our Mindfulness program at Kingswood College over the last three years, and her positive relationships with our staff and students have been invaluable to our progress. Her support for our holistic education of the mind, body, heart and spirit has been wonderful!    
Elizabeth LendersPrincipalKingswood College

Learn From Leading Meditation Expert Janet Etty-Leal