set of workshops have been provided to inspire participants to take action and utilise simple, effective strategies into their daily lives for self care.  This includes ways to use time, not make time, to retune and revitalise.

Benefits then flow to optimise performance, health and a growing sense of self-empowerment.

Keynote addresses, seminars and courses can be tailored to meet your requirements both onsite and off-premises.  Presentations can run from 90 minutes to a full day. (Prices on application)



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    SENSE-sational Strategies For Self-Care

    Would you like to have more energy, enhance your well-being and just feel happier?

    Simple steps can be taken to slot practical techniques and exercises into your day that will rebalance and revitalise!

    Content Includes:

    • Kinaesthetic Intelligence
    • Head to Toe Techniques
    • Hand reflexology, self massage, stretching and more!
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    Life Accounts

    This seminar gives you a chance to reflect on where the passion, fun, meaning (and even solace) is to be found in your life … a chance to draw up your own ‘Personal Credits’ column.

    Content Includes:

    • Philosophical discussion of key issues
    • Self-reflective relaxation exercise to connect with personal answers
    • Brainstorming of ideas and ways in which to create opportunities
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    Language And The Emotions

    It is easy to take for granted the words we use and the way we put them together. In this interactive workshop you will explore alternatives to some linguistic ‘habits’ and discover just how inventive and positive language awareness can be!

    Content Includes:

    • Understanding language as a creative, dynamic tool that shapes our existence … both internally (self-talk) and externally
    • Consider the vital role of communication
    • Develop awareness of a positive, co-operative vocabulary
    • Awareness and use of affirmations


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    Meditation Makeovers

    Meditation is presented as a tool to enhance thinking, combat stress, attain emotional balance and enhance wellbeing.

    Content Includes:

    • The benefits of meditation on physiological and psychological functioning
    • Simple strategies and techniques
    • Practical experience
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    Turning Stressed Into Desserts

    Stress is a factor in all our lives … and developing a better understanding of our bodies and how we habitually react can make a big difference in how we manage ourselves and our life.

    Content Includes:

    • An understanding of the role of the autonomic nervous system and brainwave functioning
    • The impact of short-term and long-term stress on health
    • A variety of ways to relax, retune and revitalize.
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    Workstation Inspiration

    In the business of life, it is so easy to neglect our sensory needs! This seminar provides a chance to ‘Come to our Senses’.

    Content Includes:

    • Fun ideas to personalise and create inspiration in our work spaces
    • Exploration of colour, humour, imagery etc.

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    Switch Ons & Switch Offs

    Awareness raising, interactive discussion sessions for middle school to secondary students to enhance study habits, improve concentration and exam preparation.

    Content Includes:

    • A range of entertaining, fun visuals and props
    • Tips on health and optimizing wellbeing
    • Specific techniques and exercises to relax and improve focus and concentration
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    Steps To Deeper Sleep

    One third of the population suffers from poor sleep … with significant ramifications on health, performance and wellbeing.

    The aim of this seminar is to cover a wide range of factors to inform participants widely and help them identify ways to improve their quality of sleep.

    Content Includes:

    • Comprehensive information on theoretical aspects
    • Diet, exercise, pre-sleep routines, bedroom feng shui etc.
    • Simple, effective relaxation techniques
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    Meditation Courses

    Six to ten session courses can be designed to suit group requirements. These can be run during the day or after working hours.

    Content Includes:

    • Tailored approaches to suit workplace
    • Vibrant, creative props and ideas
    • Sequential lessons designed to enhance concentration, wellbeing and self-actualisation

Book into my next workshop

  • The Mindfulness Training Workshop was very inspiring, informative and had lots of practical, good ideas

    - Karen Pastor
  • I found the Workshop not only hugely informative but inspiring both from a teaching point of view and personal practice.  The teaching comes from the heart and brings a sense of the joy that working with children can bring.

    - Annie Perkins
  • Janet's humble and engaging teachings offer delightful and wholesome wisdom that connects us all to the power of the inner guru/teacher and the wonder of the authentic, dynamic and creative self present within all beings. Mindfulness is a tool of discovery and connection that is vital to all children's capacity for learning success and potential to achieve personal greatness. I hope these teachings intensify and infiltrate all classrooms in pursuit of wellness, excellence and brilliance for all children regardless of intellect, gender, class, race or creed with hopeful expansion on a local, national and global scale.

    - Becky Prosser
  • Janet has an enduring interest in the ways stress and relaxation act on our bodies and minds. She is also a dedicated specialist teacher of young children. Her workshops showcase an array of techniques and knowledge to help those who work with children to teach them how to manage their energy and emotions. I particularly enjoyed her use of props, which concretises the concepts she is teaching and so is compelling for children. I also liked the way she uses and unpacks language to show us the wisdom of mindfulness.  After attending Janet’s ‘Creative approaches to Mindfulness for Children’ I feel confident to use some of these techniques in my own work.

    - Ariel Verona Teacher
  • Thank you for such an inspiring day on Saturday.  The tools you share and the space you hold are very precious

    - D. Brook Powell