A Meditation in Australia:  Past, Present & Future


Nearly 250 people attended this special event on a wintery evening in Melbourne and I was delighted to be a part of it.

“Never before has meditation been so widely practised and researched, and never before has there been such interest in learning and teaching meditation. So where are we going with all this? Is this fascination with meditation just a fashion or a passing fad? Or is meditation now a real solution to coping with the ever-increasing pace of life?

Similarly, mindfulness has become a ubiquitous stress management and wellbeing skill. It seems that the ‘mindfulness wave’, which has swept through many diverse and forward-thinking organisations, including the medical curriculum at Monash University, schools, law firms, hospitals, corporations and palliative care units, has become the dominant meditation paradigm. Yet, when it comes to meditation, mindfulness is not the whole story. Meditation offers a myriad of practices and approaches and this special evening celebrates this diversity.

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