Online ‘Meditation Capsules’ Consulting:

Meditation and Mindfulness practices are being introduced into schools around the world at a rapid rate, as research is beginning to show the positive benefits to health and wellbeing of students.

The challenge for educators is how to engage students in mindfulness practices in an inspiring and creative way … and apply practices to dovetail with curriculum and specific needs.

‘Meditation Capsules’ Online Consulting is designed for just this reason: to coach people nationally and internationally who are not able to attend Janet’s training Workshops in Melbourne. Janet Etty-Leal introduces educators to tried and tested techniques and strategies that weave mindfulness into everyday practice.

Lesson plans provide a practical guide that can be implemented easily and with confidence, whilst the consulting sessions offer a chance to ask questions and get the very best out of each lesson both for you and the students.

For more information, email Janet: