Janet Etty-Leal

Mindfulness Mentor


Janet specialises in guiding children and their teachers to make their own creative Mindful discoveries.  As Mindful synapses ignite, stale perceptions clear.   New, fresh ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and acting become possible.  

Janet is an Author, Speaker, Mindfulness Educator and Registered Teacher.

Janet has pioneered Mindfulness in Australian Schools, training staff and delivering programs in schools for well over a decade.

A passion to support children and the people who care for them has fuelled the development of ‘Meditation Capsules’ programs for children, from 3-18 years of age.  She has facilitated training programs for teachers, therapists and youth workers. Janet also works with Corporate, Health, Community and Sporting Groups.

Janet has a background in creative arts, including Visual Arts, Dance and Drama, which provide a rich foundation for her work.  Decades of experience and study in the fields of meditation and life skills culminate in informative, engaging Seminars, Workshops and classes.

The ‘Meditation Capsules’ program is evaluated by Masters and PhD candidates in the Universities of W.A., S.A., and Monash and RMIT in Victoria.

“It is my passion to touch young hearts and minds, drawing out ‘aha’ moments of connection and possibility.   ‘Personal pilot lights’ are ignited to flame curiosity, creativity and positive purpose in life.”



Janet is the author of the top selling book and internationally referenced ‘Mindfulness Capsules’.  Janet also writes resources for some of the top schools within the country and is in the process of writing her next book.  You can find some of her resources below

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A keynote speaker and facilitator, Janet is unique in her creative approach.  Her workshops and seminars appeal to all ages and are memorable in both content and delivery.  Janet has a background in teaching and the creative arts, both which serve her audiences well.

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Mindfulness is a practice to cultivate the art of compassionate awareness; enabling conscious, kind choices for the self , others and life.

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